Helping talented creatives like you make a living doing more of what you love.

It’s in the origin story of every talented creative we know.

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But when you’re this good at it?

There was no place designed for creatives like us to go all in.
so we made our own.

Talented people like you leave the business side of creativity to people who don’t care about your well-being. So they rake in the money and recognition — while you’re left overworked, underpaid, and burnt out of your own happy place.
We’re working on a new story — where the creative economy is based on
Three principles
Direct to Consumer Entrepreneurship

We teach creators how to cut out the gatekeepers and leverage the internet to turn their passions into profitable businesses.


We make sure our creators have access to the tools and experts they need when they need them.

Safe Space
for Creators

Our space & community was intentionally designed for our creators to be their best selves.

Meet the Squad

Will Toms
Will Toms
Co-founder & Visionary
Dave Silver
Dave Silver
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Eppley
Ryan Eppley
Chief Operations Officer
Scarlet Hernandez
Scarlet Hernandez
Membership Director
Chris Hupfeldt
Chris Hupfeldt
Agency Director
Tim Huff
Tim Huff
Marketing Director
Matt Sylvester
Matt Sylvester
Head of Talent

“Our goal is to make sure that independent creators have the information, tools, and resources needed to win and level the playing field. This partnership is about the future of the creator economy and helping REC expand to serve more creators in cities and countries around the world.”

– Sean “Diddy” Combs, REC investor and supporter

Core Values Guiding The Impact We're Creating.

REC is on a mission to empower creative entrepreneurs like you to do more of what they love.

Problem Solver

We are each equipped with growth-minded attitudes to conquer any challenges REC will face to realize our mission.

Growth Minded

We are constantly thinking about the future – how we will improve & get better – as a person and as a team.

Positive Team Player

We care, communicate, and go the extra mile for one other.


We take the time to express ourselves. We’re in touch with who we are as individuals and celebrate each other’s differences.

Creator First

We prioritize Creators in everything we do.


We started our first creative hub in 2015 from a small warehouse in North Philly. 8 years, and over 1,000 members, we’re finally branching out.
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